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my mind rebels at pancake.

20 April
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old french for cipher, n. a method of secret writing using substitution or transposition of letters according to a key.

firstly, yea, i'm aware that i was born on national pot-smoking day. laugh all you want.

nothing much to say except that i'm hoping this lj will be more active than my last one... and perhaps a little less fangirly... (but who says there's anything wrong with being a fangirl?)

amongst my various and sundry interests are
(a) ranting about things no one else has heard of,
(b) tripping over things no one else can see, and
(c) intensely fixating on things no one else can be even remotely bothered to care about.

i love japan. i live for japan. if you know that about me, it's probably enough.

for the record, i am a massive simon baker fangirl. i try to restrain it, but it sometimes just escapes with animal passion. xD