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03 January 2012 @ 03:56 pm
Woke up this morning to the frightening feeling that
a) I haven't posted anything in quite awhile
b) I haven't yet given prompts to people who did December giftfics
c) I have quite literally accomplished nothing

I think I say this with every post, but if I owe you something, LET ME KNOW. My memory is horrid.

Secondly, I almost never do memes, but that 2011 one looked like fun. That is, it looked like fun until I started doing it. xD Then it took me forever to finish and I was quite frustrated with trying to come up with answers. But I prevailed, if anyone's curious.

i live a pathetic, sordid little lifeCollapse )

I thought about posting what essentially amounts to a reams of meta based on Sherlock 02x01, and I may do so later, but for now I'll sum it up with this: LIFE. AFFIRMING. DRAMA.


... And I'm done. Sorry for the meaningless post. xD

[edit] Wow. Just tried to type my login information into Ff.n and typed @gmail.com as @mgil.aomc instead. IS THERE ANY WAY I COULD HAVE BEEN FURTHER OFF?

*identity crisis*
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29 November 2011 @ 03:03 pm
so this is very much panning out to be a
not-so-christmas not-so-twelve-day fic exchaaaange

So! You've seen enough of these around already, I'm sure, to know where I'm going with this. Give me a prompt, and I'll give you 300 words in return! I've basically stolen this from a number of other people; is there an original source? It was probably lost to time.

Instead of doing 30 days, I'll be doing 12 because I'm lazy because I don't have any friends because I like to subvert the dominant paradigm for all the reasons. :P For the record, people to whom I've already given Christmas prompts have first priority on dates (though it won't matter because there's no way 12 different people will ask me for anything).

Sooo, that means that tromana, watchyouwalk, and miss_peg get first priority. After that, FREE FOR ALL. Just watch absolutely nobody comment on this.

For the record, I'll write for any and all fandoms I've mentioned even in passing. xD So challenge me if you feel like it.

day o1.
day o2.
day o3.
day o4. h_loquacious | tm . j/l | Trying very hard not to save you.
day o5. watchyouwalk | tm | tbo
day o6.
day o7. miss_peg | tm . j/l | I just fell off a donkey.
day o8. tromana | tm . j/l | You mean you need cool calculating bastards to save the world, do you? and/or Sometimes thinking is like talking to another person, but that person is also you.
day o9.
day 1o.
day 11. sirenofodysseus | tm | Stockholm Syndrome
day 12.

Oh, yea! I also never mentioned that I intend to fill all of these in January. Because apparently the title of Christmas Gift Exchange means nothing to me.

*high fives self*
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22 November 2011 @ 01:50 pm

In case you were wondering.


Instead of rambling on about my life and the real litany of excuses I have for not having done absolutely anything recently, because I'm still not all that convinced that you guys care about the dullness of my empty existence, I'll ramble on about seemingly-unrelated things instead. Y/N?

First off, to the many, many, many lovely people to whom I owe comments/messages: HAVE NO FEAR. I will be getting around to that! I promise! ... I am feeling incredibly guilty about this. Incredibly. Incredibly. I hope no one feels ignored; if you do, let me know and I'll make it up to you by faxing you cookies. (You know, because then we both get copies. And I like cookies, too.)

Secondly, IT SNOWED HERE. Apparently, nature retaliated against our having a very mild autumn by suddenly dropping us to -20 degrees. Why, Canada, I missed you. But then the weather improved. :D Should I take pictures? It's quite lovely outside now that I don't have to go out with four coats on.

Okay, I can't think of a decent segue. It's the ADHD.

So my mom and I were watching BBC's Sherlock the other evening. Literally, this show makes me buzz with excitement constantly. I'm not sure how many times I've seen it; assuredly, it's enough times that I can pretty much recite the whole series off by heart. But anyway, I've been pushing my mom about it for months and months, and we finally watched it together. :D

After finishing the first episode...

Me: So? What did you think?
Mom: He reminds me of you.
Me: What? Who does?
Mom: Sherlock.

... If anyone who's seen this series can explain this to me, I'll be much obliged. I'm hoping she's perhaps referring to my outrageously high IQ and massive vocabulary -- hahahahahaaa... -- and not to, er... self-diagnosis of sociopathy as a cover for autism, obsessive compulsion, constant belittling of others, tendency to fixate, hoarding, little to no understanding of social norms, tendency to stare at people to the extent that they become distinctly uncomfortable, collecting of and experimentation with corrosive materials then left unattended...

Or maybe she intended it to be entirely physical, as we're both tall with high cheekbones and curly hair.

I'm afraid to ask what she really meant.

Therefore, I turn to you guys who really don't know me all that well. xD

Last thing: So I asked a prof for a reference letter recently (about two weeks ago), but he never replied, even just to say that he wouldn't do it. How long would you guys wait before sending an email to someone just to verify that they received your other one? (I'm pretty sure he'd have given me a letter, so I'm wondering if the email was lost to hyperspace somehow.) I don't want to sound pushy, like, "Hey! Hey! I asked you a question! Hey!"

I lied: If I did a 12 Days of Christmas fic-exchange thing, would anyone actually ask me for anything? ... Anyone? Anyone?

*crickets chirp*

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13 October 2011 @ 09:21 pm

Okay. So I made a post in PIR and simply have to come here and rant a little more. I hesitate to just spam the poor forum with a bunch of pages of me rambling like a crazy person.

If you've already read my vent there, feel free to read this one, though there'll be a bit of repetition.

4x04; randomness aheadCollapse )

Curiouser and curiouser. That's all I'll say.

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11 October 2011 @ 02:05 pm
Apparently, I like to fall off the face of fandom with little or no warning whatsoever.

I do apologize sincerely to those of you who were actually waiting for me to do things like update/review or reply to long and rambly messages if there are any of you out there, but Thanksgiving took up the majority of my weekend and school took over the rest of the week. I PROMISE I'LL GET DONE EVERYTHING I PROMISED IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS.

Shockingly, a number of you actually asked me to post about my dry and insignificant life after my last post. I don't know why, but if you're really dying of curiosity, I guess I'll spill some random details. (I'm boring, though; I warn you.) 

you're regretting your decision alreadyCollapse )

In other news, I caved. (Haha, no way.) I signed up for the TMMB, which I totally called in my last entry. It's not news at all, I don't think. But anyway, wish me luck. Or don't. xD I'm okay if you don't, actually.

On another completely unrelated note, my mom is asking me do work out the expenses on her PC; her accountant sent us this incredibly complicated-looking spreadsheet that neither of us could figure out, so we asked him to clarify it. He sent us this doodle in return.

If any of you can make heads or tails of this, let me know. (I think it's a ploy and he just wants our company.)

Did I have something else to say? I've completely forgotten.

I'll summarize this entry for your convenience!

1) I live a pretty boring life
2) I caved
3) Don't ask men to explain things
4) Watch out for f-list spam in the next little while
5) I wish I could remember if I had a fifth point

I'm done. Forgive this randomness.
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